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September 13

Tom Keegan

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Nassau County Aquarium Society

What is a Bowl Show?

Each month, members can bring down up to three entries each to put into the bowl show. The fish are entered into the bowl show and judged on their size, shape, color, deportment, etc.
The judge will award First, Second, and Third Place winners, and may award Honorable Mention ribbons to fish that merit the honor. Accumulated points go toward determining the over all winner for the entire year.
It is a fun way to show off the fish in your fishroom.


  1. The bowl show is open to all members in good standing. To be eligible, you must have a paid up membership.
  2. All entries must be in by 8:30 P.M.
  3. All entries must be shown in clear, glass or plastic FLAT-FACED containers, drum bowls or tanks. NO JARS.
  4. No gravel or ornaments will be permitted. Black paper will be provided for the bottom of the bowls. Black backgrounds may be used.
  5. First Place winners cannot be entered again until the following year.
  6. Ribbons will be awarded for the First, Second, and Third Place winners. Honorable Mention ribbons may be awarded at the discretion of the judge.
  7. Name of the fish and entrant must be recorded upon entry.
  8. An index card with the entry number and the name of the fish must be placed with the tank. It should not contain the entrant's name.

The maximum amount of entries per exhibitor is three. The member entering can accumulate points either as an individual, or as a family. If they choose to enter as a family, they will then only be allowed to enter three entries per month, and the points will be credited to the family only.

Points System:

  1. One (1) point for each entry (maximum of three).
  2. Three (3) points for Honorable Mention.
  3. Four (4) points for Third Place.
  4. Five (5) points for Second Place.
  5. Seven (7) points for First Place.

Entry point is only awarded if First, Second, Third or Honorable Mention is not won by that entry. For example, if you win First (7 pts), Honorable Mention (3 pts), and one entry doesn't win (1 pt), you have a total of eleven (11) points.