Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month

8:00pm at Molloy College


September 13

Tom Keegan

My Fish Keeping Tips

Nassau County Aquarium Society

Welcome to the Nassau County Aquarium Society Web Site!

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Do you have tropical fish? Have you always wanted to set up a fish tank. Aquarium Societies can help you get the answers you need to get started with the tropical fish hobby. Do you already have fish? Aquarium Societies can help you find the answers you need to maintain your tanks. From beginner to advanced hobbyists, Aquarium Societies are fun and educational.

Have you ever read an article about fish that left certain details out... Details that you thought were important? Maybe you went to the pet shop and saw a fish you just had to have, but were unsure of how to care for it. We've all experienced this at one time or another. Maybe you're considering setting up your very first tank. The Nassau County Aquarium Society can help provide those "missing details". We are a group of hobbyists with a wide range of interests and experience (including beginners, so don't be shy.) Whether your fancy is Cichlids, Guppies, Killifish, Catfish, Saltwater, or whatever; we have members with backgrounds in all of these areas who will gladly answer any questions you may have.

The Nassau County Aquarium Society is a not-for-profit educational organization to promote the tropical fish hobby. Each month, hobbyists get together to discuss their fish and exchange ideas. Each meeting has a guest speaker or special program, a mini-auction, and a raffle. There is a bowl show for club members as well as a breeders award program. A monthly publication is sent to our members with articles written by our members and reprints from other society newsletters. Our speakers have included Rosario LaCorte, Dr. Paul Loiselle, Chuck Davis and Rit Forcier.

Joining the Nassau County Aquarium Society entitles you to participate in door prize drawings, participate in monthly bowl shows, borrow materials from the society's library and a subscription to the Pisces Press. The award winning official publication of the Nassau County Aquarium Society.

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 8pm except in July and August when we take a hiatus for the summer. Our meeting place is Molloy College in Rockville Center.